As senior vfx/technical art, responsible for creation of a fully customize-able snow weather system that ties in all weather features such as snow, wind, fog, camera adjustments, clothing. The system includes features extensible to include other weather systems such as rain, lightning storm, blood rain... etc.

Also responsible for investigating and integrating World Machine terrain generation into Unreal 4 landscape system, setting up workflow and script for generation of World Machine biom/fauna, and workflow to convert WM results into Unreal 4’s custom landscape materials and procedural foliage system.

Additional responsibility include all other vfx, shader, and technical needs for all in-house projects.


sept 2017 - apr 2019

senior vfx/technical art

Wolves of Winter (PS4) [canceled]

Vikarus GDC 2019 Demo (Google Stadia)


apr 2017 - sept 2017

random art guy

As the sole artist, relight the scene to add mood, and created vfx and atmospherics to liven up the tavern.  Also cleaned-up UI design, re-painted 2D sprites asset from previous art team to achieve consistent art style across the board.  In addition also added vfx and sprite animation to add life to the map and quests.

Skydance Interactive

(formally Workshop Entertainment)

founder/partner, oct 2007 - apr 2017

art director / lead vfx / lead technical art

As art director, our team shipped next-gen version of The Evil Within and 24 PvE maps of Armored Warfare by maintaining schedule with little over-time requirement from the team, constant and open communication with our partners and publishers, and staying faithful to the original art direction of the projects.

As lead vfx, supported the art team and the art vision by injecting life and energy to static worlds, and maximized the impact of combat and weapon systems.

As lead technical art, we r&d next-gen graphic features to expand the toolsets available for game designers and artists, in order to produce livier environments.  We also created new workflows and tools to help art team efficiency, as well as optimization guidelines to maintain game performance.

Torpex Games

oct 2006 - jul 2008

As the sole artist, designed and created all art assets for the game, including Xbox 360 Live Arcade themes and all marketing materials.

Treyarch / Activision

aug 1998 - oct 2005

art director / lead senior vfx

As art director, our art team shipped Spider-Man 2 by balancing between game design’s physical-swinging needs, new open-world-streaming requirements, and maintaining the film’s artistic vision.  In addition, we explored and created an open-world game map based on New York City Manhattan borough.

As senior/lead vfx, supported the art team and the art vision by injecting life and energy to static worlds, and supported the design team by maximizing the impact of combat and weapon systems.

Farsight Studio

may 1998 - jul 1998

freelance 3D artist

Modeled football stadiums and polished supporting art assets.

EA Sports NCAA Football '99 ( PC )

JVC Digital Arts Studio

dec 1996 - feb 1998

3D modeler / animator

Modeled characters and environment for children’s game.  Also planned and animated cinematics introducing different job descriptions to young children.

Univ. of Pennsylvania,

School of Medicine

sept 1994 - aug 1996

research specialist

Investigated the mechanism of chemo drug cisplatin’s effect on HMG1/2 proteins, in order to explore new options to increase efficiency in killing cancer cells.  Also explored the topology of NMDA receptors, in effort to discover effective ways to shut-down neuron during brain stroke event to prevent neuron cell death.  Research results were described in 4 articles and published in medical journals.


particle system, shader (node-based, some experience in cg), post-process, lighting, modeling, non-character animations, UI, scripting (Unreal Kismet/Blueprint, Unity C#), common workflow, pipeline, and optimization techniques.


Unreal 3.x/4.x Engine, Unity 5.x Engine, id Tech 5, various proprietary engines. 3D Studio Max, Photoshop, After Effect, C#, Flash.

University of Pennsylvania

1990 - 1994

Bachelor of Arts (BA)


  • Biology

  • Biological Basis of Behavior


  • Chemistry

  • Psychology

Sunny Hills High School

1986 - 1990